Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Summertime is passing by so quickly, I thought I'd get a few snapshots of the roses that I clipped from my little rose topiary tree that's outside...

 It's fun to be able to use and display some of my favorite vintage pitchers, creamers and antique mason jars as vases... I do love summertime 

It's been so hot in my part of the country that at times,  I'll have to admit, that I've been guilty of wishing summer away,  (can anyone else relate?)  I usually do this at least a few times by August... 

But today, as I take the time to really see the beauty around me and smell the roses,  I am thankful, and I am reminded that this is only for a season... nothing stays the same...  I need to enjoy this time and not wish it away, because before I know it, it will leave again as fast as it came until the next year. 

Well, Be sure to enjoy what's left of summer.

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