Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Humble Work Space...

I thought it might be fun for readers and customers to see where the work takes place that I do in my shop at's a humble space, I try to fill it with things that make me smile, after all when we're working, we should be smiling right?  

As you enter the room there's a chair and small table to the right....

My tiny office room has my oak roll-top desk that houses my computer and printer, there's of course a desk chair, and to the left of the desk is a pair of tall white bookshelves that take up the rest of the wall.

I try to keep this room organized, so that I can keep my sanity, but some days I don't succeed at staying organized, sometimes there's stuff everywhere and I'll only have a path from the door to the desk. Can anyone else relate?  

Sometimes I feel like my room is starting to look like an episode of hoarders, luckily I can shut the door and walk away and come back the next day if needed. I know there's always tomorrow and that I can get it back under control again then. 

On the other side of the room is a storage closet with doors....and here's a front view of the little sitting area...

In case you are wondering where I do my photography for the items I list, it's done mostly in a spare bedroom/sitting room because it's the room where I get the most natural sunlight. I'm not a photography expert (please tell me you'd have never guessed right? l0l). My camera is a simple point and shoot Kodak Easy Share, and I've learned through trial and error what will work and not work. My best advice for those just starting out with photographing objects is take your photos in natural light, but out of direct sunlight. I've found that lots of windows help to make good pictures. There is only one small window in my office space, not so good of a place for photography. 

Well, that's my little office tour...I better go and get busy now. 
Thanks for visiting! 

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