Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Charm of Vintage Frames...

There's just something about them...their ornate details, filigree and embossed designs...

I have a great selection of vintage pictures and picture frames right now in my Shop at Etsy... featuring antique rose prints and Victorian lady prints, vintage wallpaper scraps and so much more....I wanted to let everyone know that these have recently been listed, so be sure to shop now for best selection.

To visit the "Vintage Photo Frames" section of my shop click HERE
To visit the "Vintage Pictures and Wall Decor" section  click HERE
Click HERE and I'll shuttle you straight over to my entire shop "Queenie's Vintage Finds" in case you'd like to see what other vintage goodies I have available for sale. 

Have fun browsing....and thanks so much for the visit!  

P.S.   I wanted to remind everyone that my January Winter Sale is still in progress until the end of the month... many items have been reduced throughout the shop, no coupon code necessary. I also have a Clearance section with some great deals Vintage Christmas items.

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