Sunday, March 5, 2017

Old Medicine Bottles, Vintage Miniature Dog Figurines and More....

Bringing to you my latest finds that I've added to my shop....these 3 old amber medicine bottles are being sold as a lot, (the 3 sided one is marked embossed "AC Barnes" on bottom)
I've also got this lot of vintage tiny clear glass bottles....I've left the bottles as they were found, (some collector's prefer to have them this way, so I'll leave any cleaning up to the new owner), the 6 sided octagon shaped bottle has an embossed design and is 6 sided octagon...
I've got a couple of porcelain vintage miniature dogs, so tiny and cute ...a Collie (Lassie) Dog.... 

and this adorable opalescent white Scottie Dog....

Lastly, this 1980's traditional silhouette wedding couple porcelain white cake topper, it has white tulle and pearl bead accents.  A wonderful keepsake for the couple.

For anyone interested in taking any of these items home with you, or if you'd like to explore more of my shop, please click  HERE. and I'll shuttle you over there. 

Thanks for stopping by...have fun browsing!


  1. Hi Christie :)

    I just got back from a trip where we dug up some old bottles, but nothing like the ones in your shop. Those are beautiful!

    Congratulations on your newest grand baby! Her shower was a adorable :)


  2. Digging for bottles...that sounds like so much fun Rue! I'd love to see what you found! Thank you for your Congrats and the compliments on the baby shower. It's always wonderful to hear from you...Thank you for stopping by for a visit!


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