Thursday, February 23, 2017

Rubber Ducky~ Baby Boy Shower....

Welcome to our Baby Shower...
 At the beginning of the year, we welcomed our second little grand-child into the world, (a sweet baby boy). It's been a wonderful eventful year so far! My husband and I love being grandparents...Memaw and Pawpaw...that's what our little grand-daughter calls us. It seems like just the other day she was born, now she's almost 3 yrs. old, and she's big sister and mommy's little helper. Time's flying! 

Anyway, back in the late fall, my husband and I hosted a co-ed baby shower for our son and daughter-in-law, so we could all celebrate. I decorated the party in a rubber ducky theme, with aqua blue and yellow. I got lots of great ideas for the party from pinterest, and just put my own twist on things, working with things I could get in my area, and with some things I already had on hand too. It was budget friendly and so much fun to put together, we had a great time.

The hanging paper pompoms were from dollar tree, they were a diy kit that you make yourself, you just pull open and fluff, they were very easy to make. The "It's a boy banner was pre-made and I purchased it. I made the diaper cake table centerpiece myself from newborn size diapers, ribbon, a cake plate, rubber ducks, and shredded tissue paper. 

Want a quick tutorial?

Well, all I did was rolled up the diapers, put rubber bands around each one, set them on a cake plate and pinned them together with straight pins, put shredded tissue paper in between the layers, (I made each tier a little bit smaller as I went towards the top), I tied each layer of diapers together with string, I pinned the tiers together with more straight pins, then put ribbon around each to hide the string, I secured the ribbon on back with straight pins, I added a few yellow rubber ducks to the sides and a larger rubber duck to the top. 

The best part about this table centerpiece is that it can all be taken apart and the diapers can be used for baby. I'll have to admit that it was hard for me to watch it be taken apart though! Ha! 

(photos as we were getting things together on the table) 
I used yellow plates, yellow polka dot napkins, aqua blue polka dot straws...

My chalkboard sign says "Rub-a-Dub-Dub-a New Baby To Love"  
I ended up taking down the fall swag above it and adding balloons and streamers to the top corners of the chalkboard sign, but I didn't remember to get anymore pictures...

we filled this basket with cellophane bags of popcorn and caramel pop-corn (crunch and munch), my husband was such a big help with this part....I forgot to get a picture once the basket was filled.....

I made the cake myself, it was white cake mix with homemade buttercream frosting that I tinted aqua blue using green and blue food coloring until I got this color...I cut pieces of marshmallow for the bubbles and added a few rubber ducks to the top... 

I filled this tiny galvanized tub bucket with Hershey Bars...I used a blue permanent marker to color in the "HE" 

we tried to keep things simple and buffet style for the menu, we had finger foods...beef nacho cheese in the crock-pot made with velveeta, cream of mushroom soup, rotel, and browned ground beef with tortilla chips, we also had a vegetable tray with ranch dressing, peanuts, pigs in a blanket, (I had a sign in front of them and called them "Babies In A Blanket", we had some rice krispy treats, cake, and punch....

The blue punch was made using blue raspberry-lemonade kool-aid, mixed with lemon-lime soda, I added miniature marshmallows to float around like bubbles.....

For party favors, I gift wrapped bars of Yardley soaps and set them in a decorated basket with the sign above....

We played a few shower games. We played the one where we had to draw a baby on a paper plate while holding the paper plate on top of our heads, and whoever's drawing ended up looking the most like a baby won a prize, (nobody really one that one). Then each person tried to guess the measurement of baby's mama's waist, we did this by cutting strips of ribbon the length that we thought she was around, whoever came closest won a prize. Then, I think the one where we had to take baby safety pins out of a bowl of rice blind folded was the funnest! Whoever got the most safety pins in one minute won a prize. We laughed and laughed on that one, everyone got a bit of a competitive streak, and that made it extra funny! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing the baby shower decorations, it's so much fun seeing the pictures again and thinking back to that very special day!

Thanks for stopping by to share in our joys.

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